About me!

Welcome to my site! A little about me ...

I haven't always enjoyed cooking. I was once known as the queen of microwave dinners. Unfortunately, I got to a point in life where I was constantly gaining weight and had a pretty ruined immune system. Being a YouTube addict I started looking up some quick and simple recipes and thought to my self, I can do this. So I began my journey to a healthier life.

It has been a hard but very rewarding journey. I am taking baby steps to working out, well my idea of working out; eating healthy and living a positive life.

I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes, fashion/makeup tips & reviews and lots of pictures of my puppy. That's right, I am a tad crazy with puppy pictures. Most of them will be on Instagram .. but some might sneak up here. Just warning ya!

Getting in touch with me:
Twitter: HP921
Pinterest: HP921
Instagram: HP921
Youtube: HP921Vlog
Google Talk: HP921Vlog

Last but not least, I absolutely LOVE blogging! Thank you oh so much for letting me share my life with y'all.

Heeral Patel


  1. Heeral,

    You are one of the winners of the magazine giveaway!
    Please mail me your email id, so I can send you the details to claim your subscription.

    Radhika @ Just Homemade

    1. OMG! This just made my day! I emailed you on your blog. My email address is HP921Vlog@gmail.com